Xprolo Reading List

I love going to meetups and finding new things to read. Here’s my list of discussed blogs, books and talks from XPRolo tonight.

  1. Extreme Programming Explained: Embrace Change. Have you ever read the source material?
  2. Balanced Team Janice Fraser. This apparently explains the Pivotal Labs team structure well.
  3. Luan Santos’ vim config. I don’t really get why people would use someone elses verbatim, but it seems really popular at Pivotal! I guess it makes sense if you’re pairing a lot? Here’s mine!
  4. Joe Moore on pair programming. Potentially not this specific talk, but a specific one wasn’t given.
  5. Tuckman’s stages of group development.
  6. DjangoCon US 2016 - Keynote: Lucky by Saron Yitbarek
Written on March 22, 2018