Building Communities

These are my take aways from an open session about Building Communities at Socrates UK.

  1. You can’t do Community to a group of people.
  2. Training up someone to replace you is key if you want the group to be sustainable.
  3. Recruiters can be a manageable evil to help you get off the ground in funding/office space.
  4. Don’t underestimate your own skillset. Organising groups, venues, speakers, catering is a skill. Speaking in front of groups is a skill. Others may not take to these as easily and you’ll need to help them do so.
  5. There is a strong economic argument for hosting meetups. Economic Altruism is cheaper than paying recruiters for new hires.
  6. Email farming or long sales pitches are a huge turn off.
  7. Let the community guide its own direction. Steering the groups interests of behaviours as an organiser is risky.
  8. Experts vs Imposter Syndrome, it is very difficult to estimate skill and experience when integrating new groups. (When does advanced mean advanced?)
  9. How to maintain an experienced group and still be welcoming to new people? (Experience expected vs Newbie hostile). Many shorter talks can help this.
Written on June 9, 2018